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Sunday, January 27, 2019



Creator: G. AM Morris
Chow Lei (Miao-Shan)
Master Sung
Wang Deshi
Aunty Min (Dress Maker)
Moshan Liaoren (Orphanage Nun)
Aunty Ah-Lam (Cousin)
Aunty Hai-Ying (Cousin)
Po Po (Grandmother)
Colonel David Reese-Jones (British retired, explosive expert)
Yen-Lo-Wang (Triad Leader)
Shen (Mysterious assassin/guarding Triad leader)

Chow Lei had witnessed the triads murder her mother and father when she was ten years old. She went to live with her grandmother Po Po, but joins a kung fu school, where she is a quick learner. Master Sung suggest she attend the Shaolin Temple in China, and she is sent there to study. Again, she learns quickly, mastering the 18 kung fu styles by age 18. She returns to Hong Kong to be with her grandmother, only to learn that the triads had murdered Po Po also. Now using the name Miao-Shan she returns to Master Sung’s kung fu school and is told where she might purchase a sword.
Whispering Wind is the sword she is given, and it gives her immortality, eternl youth, superhuman speed and strength. The sword maker, Wang Deshi joins her in her fight against evil.
Miao-Shan is now a goddess, and much offer compassion before death. Inheriting her grandmother’s possessions, she is now a beautiful young millionaire. Becoming a rich heiress by day, and black-clad deliverer of justice by night.
Wang Deshi uses two swords, one he calls head chaser, the other tail chaser.
With some of her money, Miao-Shan starts an orphanage and hires a Nun, Moshan Liaoren to run it for her.
There are several Triads in Hong Kong and China: Celestial Body Society, The Three Harmonies Society, The White Lotus Society, and The Righteous Harmony Society.
Shen is a mysterious assassin/guard for the head of the Triads. He belongs to an ancient group more power than Ninjas, but no name is mentioned.
There’s only been one novel so far, but a second novel is in the works.

“Miao-Shan: The Awakening” (January 2019)

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