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Friday, June 8, 2018

Super Savant


Creator: Richard Bard
Jake Bronson (Savant)
Francesca Fellini
Mario Fellini
Luciana Battista (Leader)
Carlo (second in command)
‘Papa’ Martinez
Cal Springman (Pilot)
Kenny (Co-pilot)
Azim (Mujahedin warrior)

Jake Bronson: Six foot 2 inches, muscular, and 35 years old. He had been an Air Force pilot until cancer had destroyed his career. Now expecting to die, he was at the VA for an MRI when an earthquake rattled the machine. Coming out of the machine he discovers newfound abilities - telepathy, telekinesis, greater speed and strength. He now has an exceptional memory and can solve deep math equations instantly.
Lacey: She spun in a classic model turn. Her long blonde hair caressed her bare shoulders with a silky shimmer. A dainty, jeweled gecko clung to the curve of one ear, setting off her sparkling blue eyes. A thin, silver snake coiled around her wrist and up her forearm; its tiny emerald eyes stared adoringly up at her. Her scoop-back, silk cocktail dress flowed over her curves like black oil, leaving little to the imagination. A part time actress, part time waitress, she is also an expert in tai-kwon-do.
Marshall: Girls seem to flock to his dark features, but he never knew how to deal with women. He is a genius with computers, but clueless when it comes to the opposite sex. He wore a white button-down shirt, khaki Dockers, and his trademark multicolored PRO-Kids high-tops. He’s smart, with hacker ability.
Tony: He has wide shoulders; he’s married, tough, and an ex-Special Forces (Green Beret) sergeant. He now works SWAT with LAPD.
         There have been seven novels in the series so far.
Brainrush (3rd edition) May 2016 (IPP)
Enemy of My Enemy (3rd edition) May 2016 (IPP)
Beyond Judgment (2nd edition) May 2016 (IPP)
Brain Child (2nd Edition) Dec 2014 (IPP)
Smoke & Mirrors (2nd edition) Jan 2015 (IPP)
No Refuge (1st edition) Aug 2017 (IPP)

Against All Odds (1st edition) Sep 2017 (IPP)

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