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Sunday, December 31, 2017

The Vigilantes


Creator: Trish Heinrich
Alice Seymour (The Serpent)
Marco Meyer (Shadow Master)
Lionel (American Steel)
Victoria Veran
Aunt Diane Miller
Uncle Logan Miller
Mrs. Frost
Rose Allen
Gerald Allen
Detective Garrick
Jamison (Former D.A.)
Phantasm (Who is Phantasm?)

The Serpent: The top of the dress looked like a thick, stiff, long sleeved shirt with a hood attached at the back; it was heavy but not cumbersome. It was actually two pieces; an under shirt and a vest. The vest was a protection from knives, but wouldn’t stop bullets. Both are reinforced leather specially treated, making it strong, but light. The hood was actually a cowl; the pattern of a snakehead covered the mask, except for eye slots. The shirt and cowl was a dark green so it looked black. The pattern was a dark purple, curving sensually from her head over her right shoulder and down across her chest, as if a snake was wound around her body. The tight pants were the same dark green, with reinforced leather. The continuation of the snake pattern ran down to her right hip, across her right thigh and to the left thigh, then down her shin and ankle. She wore knee high black boots. She wore a fingerless glove of the same color and material, it went up her forearm to just under the elbow. The top looked like the chamber of a gun. This held a clip of small needles, each with enough anesthesia to knock out a full-grown man. She also wore hip holsters containing dark purple batons, and winding along the length of each was a purple snake. The Serpent rides a Vincent Black Lightning motorcycle.
Shadow Master: Lanky, broad shoulders, and thick brown hair, he wore brass knuckles embedded in gloves on each hand, and was dressed in a dark blue dress shirt and matching pants, which were tucked into brown combat boots. He wore a custom fit mask, and an ephemeral cloak of shadow twining itself around him like a living thing, disappearing into the darkness around him. A smoky gray leather duster topped off the suit.
American Steel wore a gray domino mask – this was updated later into a blue leather cowl that concealed his light golden hair, as well as his identity. A dark gray turtleneck shirt and pants was his original outfit. Later, his suit became a nylon that clung to his muscled body. The cowl attached to a blue shirt, and now he wears dark red pants, and off-white knee-high boots. To match the boots he now wore off-white fingerless gloves. He is big, can heal his injuries in minutes, jump three flights into the air, and is the strongest man alive.
Alice Seymour was raised in the home with a drunkard father that beat her and her mother. She always tried to escape into her tree house with the aide of her two friends, Marco and Lionel. When her mother is killed during a robbery, her aunt, Diane Miller and her husband Logan take her in to their home. Her father ends up in jail. Little does she know that Aunt Diane had once been a superhero, highly trained in the martial arts.
Logan Miller, Diane’s husband is a reporter with the Chronicle, and has calloused boxing hands. He’s also trying to uncover the syndicate operating in Jet City.
Gerald Allen is a doctor with a special power of healing. His daughter, Rose Allen is also special, a genius in mechanics and invention.
Mrs. Frost is now old, and uses a cane to get around, but she had been the first Serpent in Jet City. Taught by a master of the martial arts, she protected the city until too old to continue. She ten selected Diane Miller as her replacement, teaching her the skills she would need as the vigilante. Mrs. Frost, Diane Miller, and Logan Miller are trying to uncover the mastermind running the local crime syndicate.
Only two novels published so far.
“Serpent’s Sacrifice” (September 2017) Beautiful Fire Pub
“Serpent’s Rise” (November 2017) Beautiful Fire Pub

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