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Wednesday, July 5, 2017



Creator: CG Blade
Petra Kayden Dace
General James Cooper
Dreama Nelson
Raymond Nelson
Helen Long
Mark Sheehan
Dave Keller

Army 1st Lieutenant Petra Kayden Dace is terminally injured in a combat mission, and her father’s best friend, General James Cooper, head of NIB has his lab synthesize her DNA to replicate her memory cells within the DNA, and grow a new body with the capability of using her mind like a computer. She trains her body to super human abilities, making her a formidable spy. She can instantly be covered in a metal suit of armor when fighting.
            Stepping out of the buggy she quickly morphed into her blue Army Dress uniform and held her Officer’s Cap in her hand., standing on the occupant’s driveway. Petra’s Dress Blue uniform consisted of a dark blue jacket top with matching skirt and white shirt and black tie. Gold pin striping circled the ends of her long dark sleeves. Her medals  were proudly pinned to her chest and her cap was layered with gold piping at the bottom. Her rank insignia shone protruding from her cap and shoulders.. Rounding out the ensemble were shiny black piping up the back of her legs.
            Petra stepped out from behind the podium and from the toes up changed into the most magnificent glowing red white and blue crisscrossed striped armor. Gold stars evenly spaced across her body, stretching diagonally starting at her left shin and moving up to her right shoulder, represented the original thirteen colonies. Thirteen patriotic colored stripes intersected the opposite diagonal direction of the stars going from her right shin to her left shoulder. The 1775 Cavalry Sword she was holding in her right hand emitted red white and blue flames as well as her now matching hair lying on her shoulders. Her irises were lit up like patriotic bull’s eyes.
            General James Cooper was her father’s friend and head of NIB, the agency that replaced all the other letter organizations like the F.B.I., etc. His labs brought Petra back to life with a new body.
         Raymond Nelson is the industrialist thought to be hind all the mind control with his deviltry.
         Dreama Nelson, daughter of Raymond, was a 5-year-old child genius, and her discoveries built the coming technologies of 2070.
         Helen Long, Mark Sheehan, and Dave Keller are the new tri-presidents, though Helen is the guiding power behind the presidency.
         Ter (Terprise) is the android device within Petra that gives her brain instant knowledge and combat skills and weaponry. Ter and Petra carry on a constant commentary throughout the story, with some humor.
         People are discovered with implants in their brains that were likely implanted in a fly vaccine. The implant controls their thoughts and actions. As NIB investigates, they discover all Americans that received the shot have the implant. Petra is attacked by a seven foot tall man, but when she beats him discovers he is a robot, now other robotic replacement people start showing up. Petra is going to have her work cut out for her.
         There are at least three novel in the Trinity series, which will feature Petra in the lead or as secondary character.
1       Cobalt (Pseudosynth Press) 2015
2         Crimson (Pseudosynth Press) 2016
3           Emerald (Pseudosynth Press) 2016

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