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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Super Incorporated


Creator: Brian Barr
Brian Surgeon (Antagonist)
Principle Mind (Antagonist)
The Saints of Death (Villains)
Mont E. Cartoon (Villain)
Master Gepetto (Villain)
The Stoic (Crusader)
 The Shekinah (Crusader)
Ghost Lady (Crusader)
Horrid Hag (Crusader)
The Gambler (Crusader)

Brian Barr’s Psychological Revenge: A Super Incorporated Novel
         Hello. My name is Brian Barr and I’m an American author of novels, short stories, and comic books.
Recently, J. Ellington Ashton Press published my second book, Psychological Revenge: A Super Inc. Novel. This short pulp novel revolves around two antagonists, Brain Surgeon and Principle Mind, who must be stopped by Super Incorporated, a crime fighting team assembled and owned by the government.
         Super Incorporated exist in a future, centuries down the line, where vigilantism has been outlawed, and all crusaders must be licensed by the government. Crusaders can only work for government-owned agencies. Super Incorporated is the most renowned and respected crusader team in Capital City of Sector E3 (a world-state that consists of the Americas, Europe, and parts of the Middle East). Their team consists of five members: The Stoic, The Shekinah, Ghost Lady, Horrid Hag, and The Gambler. Together, Super Inc. fights against supercriminals, criminals deemed too troublesome or powerful for law enforcement and the military to handle. In order to fight crime, Super Inc. must get authorization from the government, and going beyond their jurisdiction would result in heavy penalties and consequences.
         In this first novel, Super Inc. goes against Brain Surgeon, a psychotic extraterrestrial who feeds on mental energy, and Principle Mind, a misanthropic telekinetic and electrokinetic who hates humanity. An intense rivalry brews between these villains, and Super Inc. must stop the both of them before their feud destroys Capital City. Other villains get tangled in the rivaling supercriminals’ affairs, from the violent crime syndicate known as The Saints of Death, to the paranoid-schizophrenic cartoonist Mont E. Cartoon and the mad robotist Master Gepetto.
         Along with being introduced to these characters in the Super Inc. universe, Psychological Revenge also familiarizes readers with the world these characters exist in. From the corporate regulations imposed by the government that Super Incorporated has to followed, to the complexities of Capital City, an advanced megacity that stretches from what was once Maine to the Floridian peninsula, the novel portrays a world that has changed drastically from the one we know now. The results of a failed one-world government, which has produced five independently-ran but connected world-states, allows readers to understand Super Inc.’s environment. It’s a complex environment, strange and far-removed from nature with mass urbanization, class divide, and immense crime. It’s a world where heroism and action is heavily limited, where crusaders can only do the right thing if approved by the forces who rule them… or else.
         Thank you for reading this essay. Please check out Psychological Revenge!
         One novel has been released, but more are in the works.

Psychological Revenge: A Super Inc. Novel (J. Ellington Ashton Press)
Psychological Revenge on Amazon, Kindle and Paperback:

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