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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Interceptor


Creator: Peter Darley
Brandon Drake (The Scorpion/The Interceptor)
Balinda Reese
Tyler Drake-Faraday
Alex Dalton
Captain David Digswell
Deborah Beaumont
Agent Andrew Wilmot
Brett Fleetwood
Charlton Faraday
Emily Drake (Sister Veronica)
Senator Garrison Treadwell
Nicole Hawke (Jodie Madison – Siren)
Mai Ling Cheung
Han Fong
Agent Cynthia Garrett (Assassin)

Brandon Drake was with the 82nd Airborne in Afghanistan on a combat mission when he was wounded in the head. Senator Treadwell had him returned to a special laboratory where he was preparing a Black Ops operation against America. Drake had been called The Scorpion because of his fearlessness and viciousness against the enemy, and the senator that fighter in him to work against America. Project Scorpion wiped Drake’s real memories from him, and implanted new information on a fake life. But the project went wrong, and Drake now has a conscious, becoming The Interceptor and wanting to help instead of kill. He learns the senator’s plans, and steals special equipment and a flying car, and sets out to stop the special teams from carrying out their missions against America.
The Interceptor: In the corner was a metallic silver chest. He unclasped it and tore it open with desperate speed. He reached inside and took out the Kevlar pants and jacket, feeding himself into them as fast as his hands could move. Next, he took out the boots and put them on, which was the most time-consuming aspect to ‘suiting up.’ The buckle straps had to be secured along both ankles and calves, but it took him less than a minute. After putting on the armored gloves, he grasped the tool belt from the silver chest and secured it around his waist. He skimmed it with his hands to ensure all of his weaponry was attached to the individual compartment—two state-of-the-art machine pistols, the sonic force emitter, the laser cutter, and a spider cable, among several other potentially useful devices. Finally, he took the helmet and brought it up to his head. As he was about to put it on, he froze with an almost-sixth sense that someone was in the van with him. Looking to the right, huddled behind the Turbo Swan, was a sight that caused his heart to sink into despair.
Belinda Reese was the secretary to the CEO of Carrington Industries, one of the industries Senator Treadwell had targeted for his team to hit. When The Scorpion strikes he’s too late to save the building but rescues Belinda and takes her with him before the assault team can capture and kill her. They remain together, falling in love.
Tyler Drake-Faraday was adopted by billionaire Charlton Faraday as a lad. He didn’t know he had a brother until the end of Season One, when he watched Brandon’s trial of. He contacted him in prison, and they planned his escape two years later.
Alex Dalton is a pal of Tyler, and they often get into plenty of mischief together, and Alex is always ready to assist whenever needed. He also works for Tyler’s father.
Captain David Digswell is Tyler’s personal pilot.
Brett Fleetwood is Tyler’s personal physician.
Emily Drake is Brandon and Tyler’s sister. Instead of being adopted, she was placed in a convent, where she grew up and took her vows as Sister Veronica. Asking Rome to forgive her vows and let her go, they refuse, so she escapes from the convent in Season Two, only to be picked up by a white slavery gang. She’s about to be sold when Brandon learns of her existence, and they go in search of her.
Nicole Hawke was the only girl to escape the clutches of the white slavery gang, and has been hiding under the name Jodie Madison, when one of her friends contacts her secret codename – Siren – about the possibility of the gang being taken down by Brandon. She returns to L.A. to provide them with information that will help them rescue Emily.
Deborah Beaumont is the secretary to the head of SDT (Strategic Detection of Terrorism).
Senator Garrison Treadwell is a rogue, wishing for war between America and other countries. He is killed at the end of Season One.
Agent Andrew Wilmot was one of Treadwell’s lieutenants, and eventually assumes head of SDT, and continues the search for The Scorpion for his own purposes.
Agent Cynthia Garrett is Wilmot’s lover and special assassin when he wants someone killed.
Mai Ling Cheung and Han Fong run the Chinese Tong and white slavery gang. Mai Ling is killed at the end of Season Two, but Han Fong escapes.
Turbo Swan is a flying jet car, called a jet pod with alloy shell, tough metal, but extremely lightweight, designed by Treadwell’s Mach Industries. Worth in excess of a million dollars. A  sonic force emitter gun is also among his equipment.
Americans consider Brandon Drake, aka The Scorpion, a hero, and a comic book was created featuring him as a super hero, but called INTERCEPTOR.
There are three stories in the cliffhanger series.
1 Hold On! Season One
2 Go! Season Two
3 Run! Season Three

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