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Monday, June 15, 2015

The Black Falcon


Creator: Thomas V. Powers
Jefferson Prescott  (The Black Falcon)
Bryce Guinnett (NY District Attorney / Prescott's Cousin)
Hamish MacGlynn (aide to the Falcon)

"Evil maketh swift and cunning things, but Justice doth Itself hath Wings..." The Black Flacon is a legend in New York City, and in centuries past, England, Scotland and Wales. One noble line, the Prescott and the Guinnett families have carried on the tradition of the masked fighter against injustice.
The current holder of the role is Jefferson Prescott, who in his own skin does not feel up to the task. He is prone to fits of melancholy and self-doubt, particularly since he sees himself as a freak of nature, a throwback. He is exceptionally strong, has slightly pronounced super-orbital ridges, and an unusual amount of body hair. He thinks he is an Ogre, ape-like and homely at best, although most people find he just looks like a rough-hewn guy, perhaps even handsome.  As The Black Falcon, his personality changes, becoming very aggressive and quick-witted, sometimes displaying a cold arrogance.  
His brother Hamilton preceded him as The Black Falcon, though he seemingly perished in an explosion and fire. His cousin Bryce Guinnett is short, slight, but is a very handsome and intelligent man, and has become the District Attorney of Manhattan. Bryce steers cases to The Black Falcon and runs interference for him.
In "Justice Has Wings", edited by G.W. Thomas, we meet a new reform Police Commissioner, Bradford Harris. He's an ex-military man who is appalled at the City's use and acceptance of The Black Falcon, suspecting that there is a long-standing complicit conspiracy among the populace and the 'old wealth' families to permit and support this vigilante in his extra-legal activities. He is quite correct in this belief.
The short tale depicts the attempt by the underworld to assassinate Guinnett and Harris, and The Black Falcon's plan to avenge his cousin's non-fatal shooting and to put a stop to the perpetrators. He does so, but the end of the story indicates there's something very strange going on in the city, as the hideously burned criminal mastermind the Laughing Skull plots gleefully for further games in his underground lair.
1. "Justice Has Wings" AMAZING HEROES Volume III, Rage Machine Press (2006)

The Black Falcon generally wears a 'chain-mail' bodysuit, a black leather-covered helmet and mask, with a breastplate of the same reinforced material, emblazoned with the Arms of The Black Falcon. An ebony cloak goes over all of this.
One known vehicle used by the Falcon is a black auto-gyro, piloted by family man-at-arms Hammish MacGlynn, traditionally called 'The MacGlynn" or 'Mr. Mac' by Jeff Prescott and Bryce Guinnett.

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