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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Dark Ryder & Sidekick

Dark Ryder & Sidekick

Bremy (Brianna) St. James – Sidekick
Indira – Dark Ryder
Pierce Stricklin (Reporter)
Jenny St. James (Bremy’s twin sister)
Atticus St. James (Bremy’s evil father)
Sultana (Master Villainess)

Bremy St. James leaves her evil father to make it on her own, but she isn’t doing so well with her life. Within the first month she’s in debt to her Mafia landlord for twelve hundred dollars, and forced to work at the Pink Beaver strip club. To pay the landlord off, she borrows the money from her equally notorious boss; then loses the money to a new master villain in town, Sultana. After stumbling into several bad situations with Sultana, she is rescued by the city’s paladin, super hero Dark Ryder, a masked vigilante who protects the city from evildoers. Deciding she wants to become Dark Ryder’s sidekick leads to even more problems.
In the first adventure we get to meet all the players in Auralee Wallace’s new universe of sexy super heroines and evil villains. Though culled from the Golden Age comic book heroines, the story is pure pulp action at its best in what is now being called New Pulp, which is not a bad thing.
Dark Ryder: She stood tall, feet slightly apart, ready to fight. Head to toe shiny black leather glided over her muscled curves in an intimidating display of beauty and power. Her skin, almost as dark as her cat suit, gleamed in the dying sun while her flame-colored hair burned down to her waist in a long braid. Incredibly, her ice-blue eyes were even more startling than the rest of her. Contrasted against the dark of her skin, they were terrifying…almost alien.
Sidekick: Here’s the way she describes herself: “How could I possibly describe it? It would be like trying to describe the love a mother feels for her newborn baby. I might say it looked as though the midnight sky had poured itself onto my body…but it was even more than that. Deep blue and purple undercurrents prowled over my skin, and when I moved, it shimmered—the fabric weaving an illusion of muscle and perfectly shaped boobs. I was ready. The transformation from self-indulgent princess to self-sacrificing hero had begun."
Dark Ryder is a mysterious woman we only know as Indira, with very little background. But she is athletic, strong, brave, and fearless. She selfishly defends her city from evildoers, regardless of her own danger.
Sidekick is really Bremy (Brianna) St. James, daughter of billionaire Atticus St. James. She was used to diamonds and expensive parties, people to wait on her, and everything she desired was given her. Until she discovered her father was evil. Now she wants to make it on her own.
Jenny St. James is Bremy’s twin sister, at childbirth she was injured when her sister had a hard delivery, and it left Jenny with brain damage and paralytic. But now her father’s experiments may give her mind the power to overcome her disabilities, and take her crippled body from the wheelchair; she becomes her father’s willing aide.
Pierce Stricklin is the muscular reporter for The World Chronicles who becomes Bremy’s love interest. He is from a small cornfield town not named, raised by adopted parents. Wanting to make it in the big city he leaves the farm and becomes a reporter. His adopted parents are killed when they come for a visit. Hmm, shades of Superman/Clark Kent.
Queeny is Bremy’s next-door neighbor, a Korean girl with weird taste in clothes, and not very friendly at first. Until she finds Bremy truly in need of help, and not just the poor little rich girl. Then she becomes a staunch ally, even designing her superhero costume (see above).
Choden is another mystery connected to Dark Ryder’s past. She calls him Uncle, and he seems to always be around when needed. He is balding, though we are not told his age. His one reason for life is service to Indira, Dark Ryder.
Bart owns an electronics shop, and is a genius with everything electronics. He becomes Bremy’s supplier of super gadgets, and weapons, as well as being her computer nerd.
Only one novel has been published so far, but by a major publishing imprint, and a second one is being written.
“Sidekick” ESCAPE PUBLISHING (Harlequin)


  1. Definitely one I'd not heard about. So much being published these days.

  2. Hi Charles. It was a lot of fun. I reviewed the book on Pulp Den a few days ago. Check it out.