This Site is for essays on The New Pulp Heroes. It’s about time we catalog new characters appearing in books and anthologies. Since I do not have time to read everything being published, I will offer space here for legitimate creators of new pulp characters to send me their data, and I will post their essays. It is not my place to say what is, or what is not a new pulp hero, and the only changes I will make to essays will be editing and format. If you wish, include a jpeg of a book cover or b&w illustration if you have permission from the artist. By sending me your essays, you are giving me permission to promote and showcase this data. Essays should be up to 500 words, and include information on MC and back up characters, creator, title of books, and where the stories can be found. A paperback edition is now available for $12.00, plus $3.99 postage (US). The book will only be sold through us: Tom Johnson, 204 W. Custer St., Seymour, TX 76380. Send questions or data to fadingshadows40@gmail.com

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Echoes 30


Released in 2012, Echoes, the longest-running pulp fanzine of all time, is back for a special 30th anniversary issue by Tom & Ginger Johnson, and it's the largest single-issue pulp fanzine ever published. Enjoy over 300 pages of articles on pulps as well as a pair of classic reprints, written by a variety of pulp experts. Lots of pulp cover scans, as well as photos of highly regarded pulp experts. Available from Altus Press www.altuspress.com and Amazon.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

More New Pulp From Tom

FADING SHADOWS Releases. In December 2004, the Fading Shadows line of magazines shut down due to Tom's health problems. We thought that was the end of it, but in 2012 we were back, better than ever. This time in paperback editions, and perfect binding.

“Shadowhawke” by K.G. McAbee & Tom Johnson. Deposed from her kingdom, the Spider Lady rules a new kingdom in America. Taking over the New York underworld, she operates from a hidden cavern beneath the ground. Those who oppose her are forced into her deadly web. But one man and his fighting team take up the trail to bring justice to the Queen of the underworld. The Shadowhawke! $7.00 paperback, plus postage, from the author.

DOUBLE DANGER TALES #64, containing “Murder Town” and “The Legend” by Tom Johnson. Compere had not been able to get Peggy away from the door leading to the stairwell, and he knew that danger lay in that direction. He increased his deadly fire, but had become a non-moving target himself. A bullet from one of the gangster’s guns clipped the little gas container on his belt, and suddenly two skull-faced apparitions appeared, one on each wrist of his hands. With a slight movement of his wrists, the gas-filled balloons were disconnected and flew from his outstretched arms with a loud hiss, each flying in opposite directions. The appearance of the banshees was so sudden, gangsters turned their fire on the two escaping gas balloons, and Compere accounted for another four hoodlums as their guns had been diverted from him. Unfortunately, his luck was running out. He heard a light sound from behind, a short sigh from Peggy, and then he felt the cold hard steel of the barrel of a revolver digging into his spine. A vicious voice grunted from behind, "Drop your cannons, friend, or this girl gets a bullet in the head!" $7.00 paperback, plus postage, from the author, or $.99 on Amazon Kindle.

“The Soul Stealers” by Tom Johnson. Angels have walked among mankind since the dawn of civilization. Although we may not recognize them, or even see their presence, they are always with us. Perhaps they whisper advice in our dreams, or guide our governments without their knowledge, angels are moving us towards a higher good. Some even protect us in our final day, when violent death reaches out for our very soul - these are the Soul Sealers! $12.00 paperback, plus postage, from the author, or $.99 from Amazon Kindle.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tom's Short Story Collections

I’ve run out of essays to posts for now, but we’ve added 71 essays of new pulp characters, plus 3 essays of villains so far, and I hope we’re not through yet. But for now I wanted to advertise some of my own short story collections that I think everyone will find interesting.

These Short Story collections are in the tradition of the classic fiction stories that appeared in the heyday of the pulp magazines; new stories of original characters, as well as new characters in contemporary and historical settings. Although I do take a few liberties with the original characters, I try to keep them true to their origins. For the fan of those great action heroes, as well as the new fan, these stories will give the reader a sampling of the old style while not lacking in action and excitement. As a long time fan and collector, I have complete runs of the major character magazines, and have read them all, so I am truly familiar with the characters I write. I am not just a fan of Doc Savage, and not just a fan of The Shadow, but I am a fan of them all. And I hope that comes through to the reader as s/he reads the following short story collections.

PULP DETECTIVES by Tom Johnson. For the first time, nine all-new stories starring the classic pulp heroes of the 1930s, featuring characters such as The Phantom Detective, The Black Bat, The Lone Eagle, The Masked Detective, Secret Agent X and Nightwind. Written by pulp scholar Tom Johnson, it’s nearly 350 pages of excitement! $24.95 from Amazon and Altus Press www.altuspress.com/

PULP ECHOES by Tom Johnson. The Bat returns in "Blind As A Bat", The Crimson Clown returns in "The Crimson Clown – Killer", Nibs Holloway battles Dr. Death in "Till Death Do Us Part", The Black Ghost is back in "Carnival of Death", Captain Anthony Adventure in "Terror In The North Country", The Black Cat in "A Cat Among Dogs", and Senora Scorpion in "Senora Scorpion". The cover features Senora Scorpion! 238 pages. $14.50 from Amazon and NTD www.bloodredshadow.com/

EXCITING PULP TALES by Tom Johnson. The exciting sequel to PULP DETECTIVES, this collection brings you ten more all-new stories featuring classic pulp heroes such as The Angel, The Green Ghost, The Cobra, The Crimson Mask, Gentle Jones, The Purple Scar, Funny Face, Mr. Death,  The Jungle Queen, and Ki-Gor. $24.95 from Amazon and Altus Press www.altuspress.com/

NEW CLASSIC PULP FICTION STORIES by Tom Johnson. Featuring the Moon Man in “Hunter’s Moon”, Secret Agent X in “The Death Tower”, The Man In Purple in “Seven Men of Greed”, Dorus Noel in “The Black Shadow”, and Colonel Jeremiah Custer in “The Silence of Death” (originally written as a Dr. Harker story). 200 pages. $12.00, plus $3.99 postage from the author at fadingshadows40@gmail.com

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Whispering Skull

The Whispering Skull

Creator: Steve Mitchell
William Clayton McCord
Brother Richolf (Monk)
Brother Martin (Monk)

            William Clayton McCord was a Universalist minister. When he joined the Army in WWI, he became an Army Chaplain, but after seeing so much death and horror, he never returned to his church after 1918. While hiking in the Austrian mountains, he tripped and fell, twisting his ankle badly. When he awakened, he was in a monastery tended by two monks.
            Discussing his faith with Brother Richolf , the monk takes him to a hidden room where a table sat with three objects: At first glance he saw a skull, then the monk brought the candle closer to the table. It was a mask, shaped like a skull, fashioned from beaten gold, with tiny red gems – rubies – studded in each tooth of the skeletal grin.
            The next object was an irregular-shaped green stone, about the size of a child’s hand, resting on a cloth of white Semite.  Emerald fire appeared to leap and dance within the stone.
            The third object was the Sword of Paracelsus, a gleaming rapier with an elaborately fashioned hilt.
            McCord’s hands reach for the skull, and the monk suggests that he try it on.
            Returning to the US, McCord brings the skull with him. It had chosen him as much as he, it. Not a vigilante, he stops crime not with weapons, but with the whispering skull that has become his mask.
            I am only aware of one story featuring this character, though there could be others.
“The Least of His Subjects” DOUBLE DANGER TALES #29

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Pulp Heroes

NEW PULP HEROES is now available on Kindle for $3.99. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I6PO30Y Tom & Ginger Johnson compile 71 essays on new pulp characters, plus 3 essays on villains, and data on research books, listings of new and original pulp heroes, and fanzines. Also included are new pulp fiction stories: “The Mind Master” by Tom, and “The Origin of Mr. Minus” by Ginger. The interior illustrations have been dropped for the eBook. The paperback is still being sold through FADING SHADOWS, Tom Johnson, 204 W. Custer St., Seymour, TX 76380, $12.00, plus $3.99 postage. It contains six interior illustrations, 56 essays on New Pulp Heroes, and 2 essays on villains. This is very likely the first of several books that will detail the history of new pulp heroes, and their creators. For fans of old pulp and new, this is a must have for all researchers and those looking for specific pulp characters.