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Wednesday, October 9, 2019



Creator: Jason Light (Ginger Johnson)
Steve Feathers (Birdman)
Hugh Carr (Reporter)
Joe, Larry, Jack (crooks)

Birdman was six feet, six inches, and weighed 230 pounds, and quite scary looking. He couldn’t speak any known language when he arrived, just making weird bird sounds.
         Third was only one story written, and it was slightly modeled after a commercial on an Oklahoma radio station commercial called Chickenman.
Perils In Claybank by Jason Light DDT #8, Sep 1997

Sunday, August 4, 2019



Creator: J.D. Cunegan
Jill Anderson (Detective, 7thPrecinct)
Paul Anderson (father - prison)
Brian Anderson (brother)
Janice (mother – dead)
Dr. Trent Roberts (cybernetics scientist)
Capt. Daniel Richards (Baltimore PD, 7thPrecinct)
Greg Sorenson (Police)
Harrison Sloane (ME)
Madison Duval (mob boss)
David Gregor (Horizon Solutions)
Thomas Riggins Bryant (military trained hood leader)

Jill was decked out head to toe in black leather and matching combat boots, the lone holdover from her military days. A layer of silver mesh armor laid beneath the suit, and Jill wore black gloves that reached her elbows. A katana was strapped to her back, though she hoped she wouldn’t have to use it. During the day, Jill was one to wear her brown hair in a ponytail, but in this outfit, having her long locks hanging down over her face seemed more fitting.
         It added to the mystique, but it also helped to keep her identity a secret. The eyeplate on her face, which ran from her cheek to her hairline, also helped. The infrared sensor and microscopic supercomputer in her brain made all this possible, as did the titanium coating her entire skeleton.
         Believing her policeman father was framed for three murders, Jill Anderson becomes a detective in the same department to try and prove his innocence after serving in the Army. While in the Army she was created to be a super warrior by a cybernetic scientist, Dr. Trent Roberts. It doesn’t say how she was able to leave the Army after all that expense, however.
            Captain Daniel Richards is a black man sporting a thick black mustache with flecks of grey at the ends.
            So far there have been four novels in the series following the premier novelette.
0) Boundless (Prequel) 2018
1)    Bounty (2015)
2)  Blood Ties (2016)
3)  Behind The Badge (2016)
4)  Behind The Mask (2017)
5)  Betrayed (coming)
6)  The Pen Is Mighty (coming)

7)  The Agency (coming)

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

The Scarlet Claw


Creator: John Zukaitis
Valentin Bishop
Rita Wallen (Assistant & Pilot)
Tom King (Reporter Herald Banner)
Allan Nicholson (Police Commissioner)
Kemal Unlusoy (Giant Turk chauffeur) 
Captain Nathan Harvey (Police)
Mark Karras (Police Detective)
Schrode (Police)
Jesse Starnes (District Attorney)
Mae Siddons (D.A. Secretary)
Carlo Passero (Mob Boss)
Enno Calderoni (Mob Hit Man)
Gary Sannicandro (Mobster)
Louie  Amaro (Mobster)
Mike Juliano (Mobster)
Frankie Miceli (Mobster)
Rube Glover (Mobster)
Robert Larkin (Mob Lawyer)
Horace Webb (Lawyer, not connect to Mob, but takes their orders)
Waldon Krodle (Night Manager,  Encantada Hotel, Mob Connection)
Mickey Strawn (Small time Druggie)
Linda Sieler (Mob Prostitute)
Don Benton (New York Mob Boss)
Steve DeFalco (Lesser Mob Boss)

The Secret Room: Val paused at the back wall. He pressed against the surface with his right hand, and a portion of the wall swung upward, revealing a small chamber beyond.
         An Armoire and a chest lined the wall to the left. A table and a large cabinet stood to the right. The far wall held a curious mural depicting a stylized crimson hand – a curiously inhuman hand, with seven digits. Around the image were inscribed symbols in a language that had been lost to history for tens of thousands of years.
         Val had left Endor City years previous and wandered the world; in the heartland of Asia he nearly died when outlaws attacked his party and he was badly wounded. His hand was cut off and he was left for dead. He discovered Agharta, the city of legend. There he was given the Scarlet Claw. With the Claw he must protect the innocent and punish the evil.
         He opened the armoire and removed a grey overcoat and hat. Reaching in again, he found an item of dark cloth, which he slipped into one of the coat pockets. At the chest, he dropped to one knee. Inserting a key, the lid popped up. In the chest was a remarkable item: A seven-fingered hand, larger than any human hand should be – scarlet in color. Valentin Bishop raised his left arm showing the scarred flesh where his hand had been severed. Raising the red hand to his left wrist tendrils of red flesh snaked out and attached to his wrist. In a moment the seven fingers began to move and flex.
         He took off his hat, removing the black cloth from his coat pocket then pulled it down across his head. A veil of ebony mystery shrouded his features now. Only his eyes were visible through the slots cut into the fabric of the mask. He put his hat back on and pulled it low to shade his face. He was the Scarlet Claw, the mysterious avenger who battled sinister forces of evil, to protect the weak and innocent of Endor City. The claw seemed to gleam with an evil ruby glow.
         Rita Wallen: She was already preparing the Cierva C 30. She was dressed in boots, whipcord pants, and a black leather jacket.
         Carlo Passero awoke, naked and tied. He was in a small room, but his gaze was fixed on the chamber beyond the glass partition – a chamber that appeared to be full to overflowing with crawling, writhing spiders.
         “Black widow spiders,” spoke The Scarlet Claw to his prisoner. “Their venom is 15 times more powerful than that of a rattlesnake, but they can only inject a small amount. Not enough to kill you with one bite. But thousands of bites as they crawl over your body can be a horrible death. I want your confession, or I will leave you alone to die in this room by their bites.” With that, he turned out the light and left the room. Carlo heard the glass partition sliding open, releasing the spiders. A few minutes later he felt tiny legs crawling over his naked body, and began screaming, “I’ll confess, just let me out of here!”
         A great new character pulp, but only one story that I know of:
The Scarlet Claw by John Zukaitis (June 2003) DOUBLE DANGER TALES #63

Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Midnight Phantom


Creator: Jemir Johnson
The Midnight Phantom

The meat locker: Yes, present was the standard line of skin blank animal carcasses hanging on either side that extended from the starting point to some ten yards north. But it was a figure who stood in the middle of that; six feet four in height and barrel-chested; who arrested their focus. He was clad in jet black from head to toe. Combat boots that reached a few inches above the ankles; trousers with a twill internal belt and a smug unrestricted fit for ease of movement; a lean turtleneck sweater tucked in around the waist; an unzipped leather jacket and stretched well below the small of his back and matching wrist length, gloves that fit like a second skin. Though what truly made the stealthily clad figure foreboding was a cloth mask that enveloped him from front to back. It had no head or facial openings and bestowed the impression not of staring at a masked man – but a shadow. Noticeable were waves of ashen frost swathing his outfit.  Indicating he’d stood there awaiting their arrival for some time. Yet no discomfort was shown.
The Pawn Shop: “Oh, I’m sorry.” Najee replied after standing passively in the doorway for a few seconds. It just struck her that this was the case. She walked in, let the door chime close behind her and approached the counter. “Hi.” She offered, as she reached it. “Are you Pop?” This was in part, referring to the store’s name: Pop’s Pawn Shop. Pop’s place was a one-story, brown bricked, dwelling located about fifteen blocks north from where she lived. The interior was modest and cozy if a bit cramped and dimly lit by the sun’s rays sliding through sandy windows. It was anchored by shelves on either side stocked with a potpourri of antiques and eccentric merchandise. In the five years it had been around, this was the first time she’d set foot inside.
The mystery man: “Pop?” The man behind the counter stated. He was well built with a bubble muscled upper body and chiseled arms. He also had a handsome face, light brown skin, short and wavy hair, and soft hazel eyes that appeared battle hardened upon close examination. “No. I’m not,” he said while placing a metal, shoe-boxed sized, chest on the counter top. There seemed to be a thick bandage wrapped around his left shoulder blade but his shirtsleeve made it hard to tell if that was so. “Is there something I can do for you?”
A hero in the black community, The Midnight Phantom didn’t use guns, but fought with his hands and feet, the use of martial arts and acrobatic movements that kept the enemy at bay. This story doesn’t introduce any of the main players in the background, just The Midnight Phantom, some victims, and the bad guys. In fact, the bad guys are called The Nice Guys and the Committee.If the stories had continued, I’m sure we would have met many regular players, but only one story ever appeared in the FADING SHADOWS magazines.
Midnight Phantom (June 2003) DOUBLE DANGER TALES #63.

Saturday, June 29, 2019

Australis Incognito


Created by Brad Mengel
The Dingo – Brent Wentworth 
Risque III – Devin Wentworth 
Risk – Paige Wentworth 
The Knight Errant – Richard Cheveral 
The Question Mark II – Lucy Sharpe 
The Cutlass – Bella Lawson 
Risque II – Jasmine Brent 
Risque i – Nikola Palmer
The Bush Ranger – William Wentworth 
The Aggressor – Don Murphy 
The Question Mark I – Mark Weise 
The Sai 

Formed in 1808, Australia has always been protected by Australis Incognito, a loose confederation of heroes fighting against injustice. The original Risque fought crime in 1920s Sydney when the Razor gangs lead by Tilly Devine and Kate Leigh ruled the city. 
In the modern day the latest generation of heroes, The Dingo, The Question Mark II, Risque III, Risk, The Knight Errant, The Cutlass and the Sai uncover a criminal mastermind creating a series of impossible crimes, a teleporting thief, a gang of inept crooks who suddenly pull off flawless heists and a gang war that never happened. Is there a connection to the original Question Mark who disappeared a decade ago?  And how is the original Risque  involved?  It’s a big mystery that needs more than one hero.
         The answers will shake our heroes to their very core and give them the fight of their lives as the secrets long hidden are revealed and the identity of the master criminal is revealed. 
The original Risque appeared in “Strip Poker” by Brad Mengel in  Poker Pulp published by Pro Se Press 2015. 
The modern day heroes appeared in Australis Incognito by Brad Mengel published by Pro Se Press 2019.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Henchmen


Creator: Eric Lahti
Jean (killed in story)
Jessica Hayha
Delano Hayha
Wilford Allan Saxton

A group of bad guys against the crooked government.
Eve: She is 7 feet tall, blonde, and dangerous, as well as the leader. She can bend rebar with her bare hands, and can probably drink minor gods under the table.
Jacob: Wears Motorhead T-shirts and ripped jeans, rides a motorcycle named Becky. A sizable belly, and a hairy version of Santa Claus’s laugh. 
Steve: Narrated the story. At one time he worked for Homeland Security. Uses Kempo tactics.
Frank & Jean are gay men, both wear suits. Frank has more fashion sense. Frank is medium build, medium height, medium brown hair, and brown eyes. Jean is short, with dark hair, and slightly chunkier build than Frank. Jean is killed in story.
Jessica Hayha: Am hourglass figure, lightly tanned, her muscles ripple as she moves; strong mentally and physically. Trained in savate, the French martial arts of kickboxing.
Wilford Allan Saxton: Typical all-American. He's after the Henchmen. Tall, blonde, blue-eyed, and played sports; worships the Christian God, and always follows orders without question. Works for a branch of Homeland Security. Killed several times but always returns. Is given his own series with The Complete Saxton, February 2017.
Dreamer: The god of dreams. Was captured by government agents and held captive, hoping to use him as a super weapon. The Henchmen rescue him and he destroys congress.
There have been three novels featuring them so far.
Henchmen #1 (Nov 2013)
Arise #2 (Nov 2014)
Transmute #3 (Jan 2017)

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Cliff Lords


Creator: SLF Entertainment* (*Sharda Ferrell)
Dallas Wise (Elder Lord)
Raren Lords
Biko West
Damarion Grove (Damar The Dice)
Redaisha Knight (Red Knight)
Jetson Padron (Padron)
Africa Evans (African Diamond)
Che’la Bureau (Queen Che’la Bu)

Red Knight: She was dressed in a dark red bodysuit. Her red boots made her legs appear longer. She wore spike heels. Red could change moods and kill on sight.
Damarion (Damar The Dice) could turn his pocket knife into multiple knives. He was a silent killer, slicing and dicing.
Jetson (Padron) could blow up the enemy. He kept our timing right and could set a bomb off.
Queen Che’la Bu was our eyes.
Africa (African Diamond) was our ears.
Biko’s produces a protective sphere for their safety.
Dallas Wise has the magic of invisibility

Head Lords are powerful. They keep us safe. They govern us all.
Armor Lords are protectors of the world. They live outside the Earth.
Raren Lords are the battle ready fighters, each with their own super abilities.
            There has only been one novelette so far, and this one introduces the main characters.

“Cliff Lords: Weapons of Disaster” (Feb 8, 2019) Independent Publishing Platform.